Jeevan Niwas

Building a retirement residence brand that caters to the South Asian community.

Jeevan Niwas Community

Business Challenge

With a growing number of the South Asian population in Southern Ontario reaching the age of retirement or already in their retirement years, the community was in need of a retirement residence harmonious with wellness, culture and South Asian cuisine tailored to individual preference.There was also the age-old stigma that children of South Asian parents must take their parents in and care for them… putting aging parents into a retirement home is seen as a big taboo within the South Asian community.

Jeevan Niwas Community


Develop a brand and marketing campaign that redefines the concept of retirement living for the South Asian community. Break the taboo that aging South Asians must move-in with their children and open their minds to embracing a retirement residence that provides an environment of new independence, holistic wellness, and companionship.

Jeevan means life, and Niwas means place of residence. Building upon the brand name, BTI designed a logo that captured the very essence of beauty, love and life itself within South Asian culture by using a peacock silhouette. Various marketing collateral was created to help build brand awareness and introduce a much needed service within the community.

Jeevan Niwas Community Jeevan Niwas Community
Jeevan Niwas Stationery
Jeevan Niwas poster
Jeevan Niwas banner
Jeevan Niwas Poster
Jeevan Niwas Community
Indus pattern
Indus pattern


Jeevan Niwas’ vision to maintain zest for life and spirit of aging gracefully within the South Asian community was officially launched with a ceremonial groundbreaking event catered to an overwhelming attendance consisting of seniors and their families, local community dignitaries as well as municipal and provincial government leaders… all united, with one common goal of Celebrating Life Together.

Indus brochure

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