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Equity In Design

Equity In Design

We live in a world that has gone through an intense transformation in the year 2020.

Road To Racial

Road To Racial Equality – Start With These 10 Action Items

My name is Parveen Dhupar. I am a brown man, born in India, raised in Canada.

Branding Chaska

Branding Chaska – Indian Street Food Obsession

CHASKA, a new quick-service restaurant in Mississauga is looking to give customers a fresh take on Indian street food favourites.


CHASKA: Realizing A Street Food Obsession

Chaska, a restaurant serving up the fresh flavor’s of Indian street food, opened it’s doors this past September.


Lazeez: United In Taste

Lazeez is a local shawarma quick-service restaurant and a favourite to locals and visitors alike.


A Brand Evolution Experience

Teriyaki Experience’s menu has greatly evolved over the past 10 years to satisfy new tastes and trends in the food industry.

Peel HIV/AIDS Network

India Rainbow – An In-Depth Exploration Of The Rebranding Process

India Rainbow Community Services of Peel (IRCS) is a non-profit organization founded in the 80’s.