The diversity found in Canada’s population today is visible at a glance, but the differences between people go much deeper than the skin. It is a vibrant mix of stories, traditions, languages, customs, instincts, and intangibles that make each community unique.

At BTI, we call it ‘Colours’.

Why Multicultural Marketing

With the infusion of rich and diverse cultures from around world, Canada has become one of the most colourful nations in the world, and its character has become more vibrant than ever before. As per the last census, the immigrant population totals over 20% of the nation's population and is projected to increase to 28% by 2031. A well thought out plan to reach the ethnic audiences as part of an overall marketing strategy can give brands an edge in the evolving Canadian market.


There is more to marketing than targeting millennials and suburban moms. In fact, according to Business Insider, the 2SLGBTQ+ community has a 23% higher household income, more disposable income and makes 16% more shopping trips per year. Could a strategic plan targeting this valuable community be the missing piece for your brand?

Case Study

Bringing authentic Indian street food to the multicultural capital of the world.

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Case Study

A new brand for reaching out to new Canadians.

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Colourful News & Views

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Take a look inside the evolving landscape of the Canadian consumer, and learn more about the growing population of immigrant segments in Canada.

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